Friday, August 31, 2012

Blog Assignment #2

"Did you know?"

The video Dr.Strange made us watch was fascinating! It is crazy to think how far technology has came, and will become. Something the video stated, that blew my mind, was how students, who are getting a four year technical degree, will be outdated on their studies by their third year of schooling. It is never ending! The video uses the term BG (before google), I think that was funny. It is very true though, I do not know what people would do today without google.

In the video, the author sounds like he studied his facts very well. I just do not think anyone knows the future. I agree with almost everything he said. Some facts he said that blew my mind were the number of text that we receive and send today out numbers the world's population, meeting your spouse online is getting extremely popular, and the number of people that use google every second. It is very hard for me to believe that in just one year, there will be a computer that is smarter than a human's brain. It may be true, but I would have to see it to believe it. All the new technology that is coming out, scares me to think what the world is going to be like in twenty years!


Mr.Winkles is an elderly man, who has been asleep for many years, to wake up seeing how far technology has come! He is clueless about how the world works today. He does not know what a computer is, or even an x-ray machine. Through his journey, he realizes that today we use technology for almost everything! He gets excited at the end of the video, because he goes back to school "in his time". It seems very boring. The teacher talks for hours and students try to pay attention. I am so glad that school is not like that anymore!

This video will show viewers how important it is to keep up with new technology.The author is trying to say if people do not keep up to date with the technology world they will be lost. Personally, I think everyone should try to keep up with all technology coming out. It will only help you in the long run.

"Sir Ken Robinson: The importance of creativity"

I really enjoyed watching this video! It is very entertaining. The video is mostly about how important it is to let children use their imagination. In our society today, we do not let this happen very often. In the video he tells a story about his good friend. Her teachers and family can not understand why she will not be still in class, so her mother took her to the doctor. The doctor said, she loves to dance so take her to dancing school. Children these days would never get told that by a doctor. They would get on medications, which does not let a child express themselves.

I agree with the author 100%. I think schools in America puts art last. They worry too much if their students are memorizing their vocabulary words, or getting 3 out of 4 questions right on a quiz. All children learn in different ways, so maybe we should let them. We should let children learn in ways such as dancing, drawing, and acting more. I think when children do hands on work, and use their own imagination it helps them learn so much better.

"A Day Made of Glass"

All three videos Dr.Strange made us watch, about glass, were outstanding! It shocks me that just one piece of glass can do so much. The glass tablet will be used in schools, cars, information boards, hospitals, etc. Just one little tablet can hold a student's favorite pictures, homework, daily activities, their wardrobe, music, and mostly everything else that they need to know. In the "video", they show how doctors used a glass wall and personal tablets. The doctors can transfer information about patients by just one swipe. I think it is also great for education. Students use their own tablet to watch class lessons. Students can watch what is being taught on the board right on their own tablet. I think this will help some students not get so lost in a lesson..
Glass Tablet

If Mr.Winkle lived in a glass world, he would be completely lost. I think it is going to take a lot of learning for  some people, but it will be totally worth it.Mr.Winkle would have to learn what google was, and how to use it. Google is taking it to the top of the world with glasses! Watch this short "video" of how amazing google glasses are! It is awesome that how far technology has come!


  1. Rachel,
    You are an amazing writer! I enjoyed reading your perspective on the videos assigned to our class. I do not have anything negative to say, because you did a great job! Also, I love to see you are ahead of the game. Keep up the good work! :)

    Amy Archer

  2. Hey Rachel,

    Your thoughts on Mr. Winkle Wakes are a little off, but I think you are on the right track. Mr. Needleman was trying to show how much the world has changed in technology, but the classroom hasn't. Many of today's classrooms are the same as they were 100 years ago!

    Good job on your post! Your links are working well! Keep up the good work.

    Stephen Akins