Monday, September 10, 2012

Blog Assignment #3

How to Edit the Correct Way

All three of those videos were great advice. It taught me the correct order I am suppose to edit: compliments, suggestions, and corrections. I was not aware that you are suppose to do suggestions before corrections. After viewing the "video"/"slideshow" it all made sense to me.

The video,"Writing Peer Review Top 10 Mistakes" was a good example of what NOT to do. There are so many mistakes a student can make, when editing a paper. Most students rush, or are a little too cruel about mistakes they see. As long as students follow the three steps of editing they should be fine.

Technology can help special needs students in so many ways! It is amazing what a laptop can do for theses students in the video. It helps students who can not speak, type what the want to say aloud. That can reduce the frustration level for students that have speech problems. I liked that students can be read a book, from an Ipod touch or computer. It does not make the student feel awkward having to leave class, they can stay with their peers. It also helps the teachers. They can work on other projects, instead of reading a book to the student. All the technology, that special needs students use, makes a huge difference in their education.

I would use a variety of technology in my classroom. I would love for each student to have their own tablet. That way all students can see what is on the board, and they can keep up better. Students who need to be read material can just plug their headphones in their tablets. I know for sure I will need my own computer. I will be making power points, and my own websites for students. It will save paper, and they will always know their homework. 

Ipad App

I found an app that I would love to use in my future classroom! It is called Sentence Builder. This app helps children, who have trouble writing a sentence in the correct format. Sentence Builder helps children write grammatically correct sentences. It is easy for children to understand, and has 3 levels. There are a lot of animations that talk to the children while playing, and inspire them to do better. The app also keeps track of how the child is doing. 

I would use Sentence Builder in my classroom, with any students that have trouble in English. It would be a entertaining way for students to learn, instead of writing in their notebooks. I hope by the time I become a teacher they will have a personal tablet, with educational games on them. My students could play this game during quiet time, with their headphones in. The apps are such a great way to keep students learning and having fun at the same time!

ipad app

"Harness your Student's Digital Smarts"

I totally agree with this video! I like how the teacher, Ms.Davis, says "she is a teacherpreneur". She is very creative and lets her students teach her. It is awesome that they showed me what Digi Teen was. It is a global citizenship, were students from around the world can post papers, and research work  through two digital portals. Digi Teen also has a social network. Students can talk to people all over the world, as well as their teachers.

I think the whole idea of students communicating around the world is awesome! It will give students so many more ideas about everything.It is also a great way to meet new people, and learn about new cultures in education! 


  1. Hey Rachel,

    Good job on your post! Isn't it amazing how technology can help special needs students? I think you pointed out a great app for students who have trouble with sentence building.

    Good job with your links and pictures!

    Stephen Akins

  2. Hi Rachel,

    Good post! You have some interesting insights! Good job on the links, line breaks and images! I didn't know about the order for a quality peer edit either! It is also amazing how technology can help students with special needs. It's great that you will use technology in your future classroom! The application you suggested is awesome as well! It would definitely be helpful!

    Your paragraphs are very well organized and you stuck to the topics!

    You do have some grammatical mistakes. "Theses" should be "these" and "can not" should be "cannot". There are also some parts where you used "a" rather than "an" before a word that starts with a vowel. These are just minor mistakes that a simple spell-check or proof-reading should fix!

    I hope this helped and keep up the good work! Good luck!

    Anna Zhuo