Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blog Assignment #5


In the video Travis Allen explains many reasons why iSchool is a great way to change the way we educate students. It is very convenient for students, teachers, and parents. Students can do everything on their iTouch that they could do in the classroom. The iTouch can only be used for educational purposes.The apps are very appealing to students, and also every textbook can be installed on their iTouch. Travis explains that it cost schools at least $600.00 per student in the classrooms and the price of one student for iSchool is around $150.00. This was very shocking to me! I did not realize how much money it cost schools to educate just one student! iSchool  not only saves money but is also way better for our environment. There will be no use for textbooks, paper, agendas, and much more. The trees will be so happy! The iHomework app was my favorite app in the video. Students will be able to see all of their homework, and due dates on iHomework. This makes it much easier for teachers, not having to worry if their students forgot what the assignments are. Parents can also see what their child is learning.


I think iSchool is great in some ways. I like the apps a lot. I think students will want to learn more because the apps attract their attention. It makes it easier on the students having everything they need on their iTouch. Students will not have to worry about losing any papers, or forgetting due dates. The money schools will save is a plus too. Maybe they will raise teacher's salaries! :)

On the other hand, I do not like a few things. I feel that switching to iSchool is horrible for social skills.Students that are in a classroom and interacting with other students, face to face, is something all children need. I guess students can work on activities ,on their iTouch, online together and chat but that is just not the same to me. I also feel like some subjects need to use only pencil and paper. Math is a subject that students need to actually write out the problem and solve it. I think it will also be difficult for some students to not write notes and just type them. It will be harder to remember the material. I do not like the idea of switching to iSchool. I still like the old fashion way of teachers teaching in front of the class, sometimes I think technology takes it too far. I do like the idea of using apps in the classroom but not doing everything on an iTouch. That is just my opinion, do not take it the wrong way.

"Eric Whitaker's Virtual Choir"

This video shows people from all around the world, who have never met each other, singing together in a choir. It shows them singing and shows their teacher directing them. I personally do not like this. I would rather be in a room singing with people I have met. I am not saying I wouldn't want to sing with them because I don't know them, I would just rather be in person. I think the world will be like this one day, and it kind of scares me.

"What does it mean to teach in the 21st century?"

Kevin Roberts thinks we should start teaching students skills, which can be used in everyday situations, not so much memorizing material. His video says that there will no longer be a need for classroom teachers, just filters for the student's work. Kevin thinks everything to do with education will use only the internet.
Teaching in the 21st Century

 I personally do not want to just "filter" my students work.I want to teach them in person. I think it will be very difficult for some students to learn like this. It just does not seem real to me that this is how we will educate our students. If Robert is correct it would be very bad for educators. I think it will be hard to find a job. If teachers don't have to teach their students then they really aren't  needed that much. I hope that Robert is incorrect. I am not going to school to just sit in front of a computer all day, and check student's work. I want to interact with my student's in person.

"Why I Flipped My Classroom"

I do like the idea of "flipping your classroom". I think this is very helpful to students who don't learn as fast as others. I would definitely use this procedure in my classroom. Students will do so much better if they can rewind a part of a lesson that they didn't understand. It will also be helpful to the teacher not having to repeat themselves, over and over.


  1. "...money it cost schools..." costs not cost

    "I still like the old fashion way of teachers teaching in front of the class, sometimes I think technology takes it too far. ... do not take it the wrong way."

    It's not me you have to worry about. You need to worry about how you will get and keep a job in the new world where technology rules!

    "...my students work.I want to teach..." You need a space after the period.

    "I want to teach them in person. " I don't have that choice. You probably will not either. Watch for a special assignment that deals with this!

    You do not describe what a "flipped classroom" is. A reader of your post who had not watched the assigned videos (or learned elsewhere about flipped classrooms) would be totally in the dark about what you are talking about.

    Oh do you have surprises in store for you! The world is changing faster than you think, even in education. And you can't stop it!

  2. Hi Rachel
    Just thought I'd leave you a comment so that you know I dropped by your blog. I followed some bread crumbs across the web - as I like to do occasionally - and landed here in the middle of your preparation to become a teacher.
    I started teaching in 1982, high school Mathematics, in a little country high school in NSW, Australia. I now teach Technology and Applied Studies in a large metropolitan high school in the southern suburbs of Sydney. This just goes to show that to get a job and make it into a career you need to continue to learn and grow, and technology is certainly a central focus in that journey.
    All the best for the challenges that lie ahead and remember that 'they' say it takes at least 10,000 hours to become an expert at something - teaching is just like that - you're stacking up those hours!
    Kind regards, Deb Hogg
    GRC Penshurst Girls Campus

  3. I did not realize how much it costed a school per student. I also agree that it is a lot better for the environment. The homework app was my favorite too, but I think that if teachers use this they should only put out a week's worth of homework at the time so the students can all stay together. I also like the way you brought up the negative aspects of the system. Social activity is a huge part of school. I am also a firm believer in math work being done on paper with a pencil while the teacher is showing the how to for the problem. But the iSchool apps are definitely the future for schools to save money and maybe support the staff a lot better with the money that they save.