Sunday, December 2, 2012

C4K Summaries for November

I had a a student named Jake for my first C4K. His post talks about different plants, and all the things that they do. Click on the link above to view it.

My Comment: Great post! You did a good job, Jake! It is crazy to think that plants can be so harmful. You informed me on a lot about plants. Bamboo plants are huge! I know some people who use bamboo plants as a fence. It amazes me that a plant can grow so tall. You did a really good job! Keep up the good work.

"Veterans Day History"
My next post is by a student named Justin. He wrote a very good post about different history facts, different wars, he told a personal story, and posted pictures. He wrote the post to thank all military men and women, who are veterans or currently serving.

My Comment: Hi Justin! I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I am currently in a class called EDM 310. Your blog post was very interesting. You write very well. I love reading about history! My father was an Officer in the Army, during the war, in Desert Storm. He also suffered from PTSD when he came home, but thankfully he recovered some. I support all men, women, and veterans who serve/served our country.

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