Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blog Post #13

"A Vision of Students Today"

I really liked this short video. It's short but it keeps your attention, and gets the point across. It shows a classroom with stadium seating, and on the walls and chairs they have messages written on them from students. The messages say how boring class is, and why are they sitting in a seat if they are learning their future profession. The board looks like an ant from the top seating, you can't even see the writing. The classes are so big and teachers barely even know the students' names. Students pay hundreds of dollars for books, that sometimes are barely used. Why not just save the trees and money and use eBooks? If we switched over to hybrid classes there wouldn't be such problem with attendance. Students use the computer for mostly all their work, so why not just get rid of the paper and pens?

I do like being taught in a classroom for certain subjects, but most material taught in school can be taught virtually, by teachers. There are so many benefits that can take place by switching over to hybrid classes. Students can always review lessons, by watching the videoed class lecture, attendance won't be required daily, it's better for our environment, students can learn in a more diverse way, and much more.

Stadium Seating Classroom

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