Friday, November 9, 2012

Blog Post #11

Ms.Cassidy's Skype Interview

On this assignment we had to watch Dr.Strange's "interview" with Ms.Cassidy. She uses several different methods of technology in her classroom. Some of the technology she uses are Skype, ,make videos, blogs, class webpage, Nintendo DS, and she teaches her student's the safe way to use the internet. I think she is doing a great job, as a teacher, teaching her students ways to use technology in an educational way. I think the way she used Skype was awesome. She lets her student's Skype classrooms in other countries. Ms.Cassidy also talks about Wikis. Her student's write questions and other students can answer them from anywhere.

One of the techniques I would use as a teacher is blogging. I think blogging is a great way to teach children to state their own opinions, get used to typing, instead of writing on paper, and to interact with different students all around the world. I have learned how important blogging is to education, since I have been in EDM 310. I wish I got to use Blogger in elementary school. There could be a few problems when using blogging in the classroom. If my student's didn't follow the rules, I would take away their blogging privilege the next time we used it. But, there are so many benefits with integrating technology in the classroom. Students will be more prepared for the future, and will be learning in a fun way.


  1. Rachel,
    Very good post. Technology educators should strive to enhance traditional education, not replace it.