Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Special Blog Assignment

"A World Where Grades Will Be Left Behind"

This article was very interesting It talks about education in the next 30 years. It explains how technology will take over the classrooms. Everything will be done over a computer, and all education will be free. Thrun, who created an online free online education company, says he can no longer teach in a regular classroom. He goes into detail about his vision of education in the future. He says, we will use video cameras, have computer designing and assembling courses, and use flipped classrooms. He wants to focus more on teaching students to learn new skills, instead of memorization. Thrun, calls grades "the failure of the education system". He thinks we should make sure students get the concept before moving on, and give them as much time as needed.

I like most of the points made in this article. I don't think we should take away grades. To me, grades show the teacher where the student stands. If a student doesn't get something, they either need a tutor, or stay after school with the teacher. I like, in the article, how Thrun said,"they aim to make online college education as cheap as a cellphone bill". If that really happens I would have wasted a lot of money, along with everyone else. I do hope to see college being that cheap in the future.

future classroom

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