Sunday, October 21, 2012

Blog Post #8

"This Is How We Dream Parts 1 and 2"

Technology Wordle
Dr.Miller's presentation was very interesting! The presentation shows you how far technology has come, especially with reading and writing. It is crazy to see how far books have come! Dr.Miller talks about when he was little he had a whole library full of books in his home. Now you can get almost any book off of amazon for way cheaper then regular books. You can put all your favorite books on your tablet or computer. He talks about how he had to write a important article about the Virginia Tech shooting a few years ago, he never stepped a foot in a library. He found all of his facts and important ideas on the internet. That really amazes me. It is so impressive that you can do all of this on your computer.  He also shows how you can now create a visual and sound document instead of  just writing your document.

On Dr.Miller's second part of his presentation it talked mostly about the graphics on the web. He shows you how far the visual representation has come on the internet. It has advanced so quickly! He talks about itunes. He shows you all the academic lectures anyone can watch with simply pressing a button. It is so awesome that anything you want to share or talk about, on the internet, you can with anyone in the world. These videos  really showed me how far our world of technology has come.

I think using multi-media will be fun, and exciting to my future students. I like how you don't have to use any paper or pencils. I think my student's will be able to this. Hopefully they will start showing students how to use multi-media at a very young age. This will help better them for their future in technology.

"Carly Pugh's Blog Post #12"

Carly is an amazing writer! She had great links to everything she was trying to explain. Her blog explains that she has to make up her own instructions, to writing a blog post, for her future students. She absolutely loves english, so she asks you to think of what their philosophies as teachers would be. Carly required 5 points that had to be made, but she gave 10 examples. Instead of writing your ideas out, you get to create a YouTube playlist.

This is a perfect example of what Dr.Miller was talking about with multi-media! Carly uses visual representations, instead of writing. I think she did a great job. She has great instructions, writes wonderful, and, best of all, gives a perfect example for hopes of writing using multi-media.

EDM310 is Different

The main idea of "The Chipper Series" was to realize school is not a joke. The video makes many points like don't procrastinate, you need to be motivated to learn, don't be lazy, and follow rules. In the video, Chipper doesn't do any work on time, and does what she wants. She finds out quickly that it doesn't matter what she wants, she needs to follow Dr.Strange's rules. The video is saying you need to stay on top of your work, turn in all work on time, go to class, and do your best!

"EDM 310 for Dummies"is a video of two students, who are in the EDM 310 class, that show you ways to keep up with the class. At the beginning, of the video, the students are going crazy because they don't understand assignments. The video shows you how to be successful in EDM 310. The students end up loving the class. They aren't stressing out because they got help on things they didn't understand.

Both of these videos are sending out the same message, get help if you need it! A video I would like to create would be about school in the 21st century. I like that topic because I want to learn more about this kind

"Learn to Change, Change to Learn"

I was shocked when the video stated that the US department of Commerce ranked the IT intensiveness, for education, number 55, which is the lowest. This is surprising, to me, because children use cellphones, computers, ipods, ipads, etc. everyday! Schools need to keep up with the world of technology. The video is mostly about how, in the future of education, we need to apply more technology to our schools. Students need to be able to find information on the web, work in groups, communicate with different cultures, and collaborate projects globally for the 21st Century. They are saying students should be more creative with their work, instead of memorizing information for tests.

If we do this schools will build culture. Students can work with others all over the world. I think this is a great   video. It will expand our student's horizon. They will be prepared for their future in the workforce.

Scavenger Hunt

The three items I chose to find were a video tool, comic strip, and and a social website for teachers, students, and parents.

1.) I found a website to make videos on, that I have never heard of. The website is called ""The video tool lets you create a video from any personal photos, words, video clips, or music. After you finish creating your video you can share it with mostly any social network, any email, or you can even make your own DVD! I really liked this website, and I think this would be a fun and easy activity to do with my future students.

2.) Comic Strip
Comic Strip

3.) The last item I chose was a social website for teachers, students, and parents. The name of the website is "". It is an awesome website for students to use. Wikispace is very secure, the school's administration has control of everything on the website. Something I really liked about this website is that there is no limit for saving documents. Students can save as many shared files, documents, and videos that they want.

I could use this site in my future classroom for many things. I can do all my lesson plans on this website. I can post any assignments, homework, group work, and grades for my student's to see. If I ever have questions or need ideas for new material I can view or ask anyone around the world. This will be so convenient for me to use, when I become a teacher. I will have mostly everything I need, on just one website.


  1. Hello Rachel,

    It really is amazing how far technology has come throughout the years. I still enjoy buying books from the bookstore as opposed to buying them on my iPad. Call me old-fashioned! I thought both "The Chipper Series" and "EDM 310 for Dummies" sent out important messages, as well. The most important, in my opinion, is to ask for help if you need it.

    I thought your post was well written and you brought up some interesting points of view concerning all of the videos we watched. Keep up the good work!

    Elizabeth Mims