Sunday, October 14, 2012

C4K Summaries for September

C4K #1

For my first C4K I had Jua, who is a 5th grader, in Argentina. In Jua's post he had a music video called, "What makes you beautiful", by One Direction. He dedicated this song to his friends, Greta and July, to wish them a well recovery from their surgeries.

C4K #2

My second C4K was about an experiment a few students did  in Gulf Shores, Alabama. The student's names that made pictures, of the data, are James, Kenny, Olivia, Kailin, Kalea, Emily, Bry, Gabrielle, Brailyn, Catherine, Santana, and Austin. The post had 6 pictures of the different surveys they did on their classmates. All of their questions referred to what kind of food they liked, or where they like to eat. The teacher did this project to show her student's how to collect data, and make polls for their data they collected.

C4K #3

The next student's blog I commented on was Jada, from Canada. Jada explains why, she thinks, Canada has great qualities for living. She says, Canada is lucky to have all the resources and freedom that they have. Jada explains all the things that she is grateful for, such as, education and a clean environment.

C4K #4

The last C4K I did, for October, was a high school student named Wallen. His post is about his procrastination problem. He explains how hard it is for him to do his work ahead, and how he crams everything the night before. He is taking an online class which makes it even harder for him to be on top of his game He is trying to find a way to not procrastinate on his work before entering college.

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